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A high school clay competitive and ceramics symposium to facilitate the growth of young ceramic artists and build the future clay community.

Clay It Up is Back for 2024!!!

New Schools. New Opportunities. Same GREAT Experience!

Our Mission

"The purpose of Clay it Up is to develop the legacy of the clay community through creativity, collaboration and competition."




Student Response:

"I enjoyed Clay It Up, I found it a really good learning experience when it comes to time management and I also enjoyed the experience of having active judges in a competition format."


Teacher Response:

"My students loved the event so much. I was a little nervous that their skills would not be up to par, but Clay it Up really pushed them to work outside of their normal skill set. They really rose to the challenge and impressed me with their artwork and perseverance."


Student Response:

" is a great way to promote what [teachers] are teaching and have more kids take their class. In my experience after I went I told a lot of my friends how fun it was and just talking about ceramics in general has encouraged my friends to take the class."


Teacher Response:

"It is a very enriching experience for your students to take with them. They will better learn how to collaborate with their peers and students of other schools as well as have the opportunity to gain knowledge and inspiration from the visiting artists."

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